Shopper insight helps Waterstones enhance customer experience in the run-up to Christmas

Waterstone’s, the leading high street bookseller, has 300 stores across the UK. As a retailer with a reputation for providing great customer service, the company has worked with ShopperTrak over the last four years to ensure that, at a time of year when customer footfall is at its peak, the purchasing environment is as enjoyable as ever.

Adam Janes, Customer Experience Manager from Waterstone’s commented, “Working with ShopperTrak has been invaluable for our business. We pride ourselves on giving the customer the best experience possible, striving to create places where customers can browse at their leisure and get great advice and recommendations. This strategy has worked well for our business over the years, so maintaining this environment is very important to us, no matter how busy we get.”

How Waterstones Uses Retail Analytics Data

By analysing historical trends in footfall and sales conversion, Waterstone’s managers can effectively plan staff schedules to meet local customer demand and capitalise on the sales opportunity at this critical time of year.

“Having the ShopperTrak counting solutions in our stores has given us the ability to analyse busy times of the day and track sales conversions, meaning we can change staff shift patterns accordingly.”

“Christmas is such an important time of the year for all retailers,” Adam explains. “Not only do we see a significant uplift in footfall and average spending, it’s a time when many new customers visit us so it’s essential we deliver exceptional service, to ensure that they want to spend with us and continue to return in the future.”

Waterstone’s has recently renewed its contract with ShopperTrak, incorporating the new ShopperTrak Interactive site, giving the company a more integrated analysis of sales conversion, footfall levels and staffing for each of its stores.

The use of ShopperTrak data is not restricted to Christmas at Waterstones however, as Adam explains:

“The new dashboard from ShopperTrak means we are able to continually assess staffing numbers and service levels and ensure we always have the right people in the right place at the right time.”

Martin Golunski, Business Relationship Manager from ShopperTrak comments: “I am delighted that Waterstone’s has committed to working with ShopperTrak for a further three years and it’s great to see how the footfall data is being used. As a company, Waterstones is genuinely innovative and open to making strategic changes to the business in order to secure the best experience for their customers and increase profitability.

The analytics we provide is key to strengthening their performance by helping staff resource planning and by identifying missed selling opportunities and stress points in store.”