The Whisky Shop

The Whisky Shop tots up shopper traffic with ShopperTrak

Stocking over 400 types of whiskies – from aged single malts to blended tipples and varieties curated from the Highlands, the Islands and further afield – specialist retailer, The Whisky Shop, looks to demystify the world of whisky for its customers.

With unparalleled levels of customer service, The Whisky Shop’s friendly and knowledgeable staff welcome more than 2.5million customers each year through the doors of its growing store estate across the UK.

Whether it’s whisky novices who are looking to try something new, or connoisseurs selecting something for a special occasion  – or simply those looking for a gift, The Whisky Shop’s personalised service and plain-speaking approach helps its customer leave feeling confident with their purchase.

The business challenge

With 22 outlets in the UK – from large and small footprints and differing store locations – The Whisky Shop wanted to better understand the impact of shopper traffic across its store estate, allowing it to:

  • Set performance objectives for each store based on its individual circumstances
  • Gain insight into peak footfall times across the business
  • Improve staff-to-visitor ratios during peak times to boost conversions

ShopperTrak’s solution

ShopperTrak’s Site Analytics solution turns shopper data into retail intelligence. Through analysis of footfall figures, it allows retailers to better understand how their business is performing and drill down into what’s behind each ebb and flow in sales.  Thanks to detailed reporting, retailers can more effectively act on the insights gleaned from shopper traffic data.

Business benefits

  • Weekly analysis of shopper traffic
  • Ability to act strategically and tactically
  • Staff rostering to reflect visitor peaks and maximise revenue uplift
  • Analysis of ROI of extra staff members and improvement of visitor to staff ratio
  • Ability to benchmark stores by size, type and location across the group
  • Performance management tools for store KPIs

Keen to get a tangible insight into footfall trends, The Whisky Shop turned to ShopperTrak’s retail traffic and analytics solution.

The results

Piloted in ten key stores, across a mixture of shop profiles and locations, from shopping centre outlets to high street shops and boutiques, the data from ShopperTrak’s Analytics Suite allowed The Whisky Shop to understand the relationship between shopper traffic and conversion across its store estate.

“Before, we just didn’t understand the footfall patterns in our stores – especially given the variety of store profiles within our portfolio,” Andrew Torrance, Managing Director at The Whisky Shop explained.  “While we had anecdotal feedback from our store teams about when shops were busy, we had no hard and fast stats that allowed us to better understand the peak periods.  Now we have tangible data, which has allowed us to review the performance across the business and set targets for each store based on its individual circumstances.”

By better understanding shopper traffic patterns, The Whisky Shop was able to identify peak times for in-store footfall and reflect this within staff rotas to boost conversions, as Andrew continued. “Our customers like to take their time in-store, carefully browsing the wide selection of whiskies available, and – whether they are enthusiasts or are exploring the world of whisky for the first time – will often have lots of questions.  This requires a high level of personalised customer service, so our staff spend a significant amount of time serving customers on a one-to-one basis.  By getting to grips with our peak trading times, we have been better able manage our staff to visitor ratio which has led to an 11% increase in conversions.”

Analysis of the ShopperTrak data threw up some surprises too:  “Traditionally, we thought that Fridays and Saturdays were our busiest trading days,” said Andrew, “but the reports showed a real surge in shopper traffic on Sundays.  Thanks to this insight, we have been able to rework our staff rotas to ensure that we can accommodate this peak in footfall and capitalise on additional sales opportunities.”

“From the outset, ShopperTrak worked closely with us to accommodate each of our unique store set-ups, ensuring that the implementation fitted in with the aesthetics of each shop,” Andrew said.  “They also took a lot of time helping us to understand the data, outlining the key reports and identifying the focus areas where improvements could be made.”

“We’ve been really impressed, not just with the actionable insights we have gained from the data, but also with the bespoke service ShopperTrak has provided us with – so much so that we will be rolling out the solution to the rest of our store estate this year,” he concluded.